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“Throughout its history the crime genre has offered up detectives of all kinds […] and it would seem as if there hardly are any positions or roles left available. Yet every once in a while, a crime writer comes along who still manages to bring a renewal to the table […] and that is the case with Heine Bakkeid. /…/ One can hardly imagine a darker acquaintance than [protagonist Thorkild Aske], but he has plenty of gallows humor to make up for it. And Bakkeid sure knows how to deliver a great Icelandic lava field atmosphere.”

Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

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Et norsk dagblad sammenlignede hans skrivestil med Jo Nesbø. Den nye krimistjerne Heine Bakkeid har med Thorkild Aske-serien gjort sig bemærket som en forfatter, man bør holde øje med.

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Que se passe-t-il quand vous cherchez vos démons et quand vous les trouvez ?Ancien enquêteur de la police des polices, Thorkild Aske vient de purger une peine de prison.Quand son psychiatre lui propose de retrouver le fils d’un couple d’amis, il ne peut refuser la mission : Le jeune homme, qui réhabilitait un phare en hôtel, n’a pas donné signe de vie depuis plusieurs semaines.Avec la nuit polaire arrivent les tempêtes d’automne. On dit qu’à cette saison il n’est pas rare de voir des êtres surnaturels voguer sur l’eau.Sur l’îlot du phare battu par les brisants, Aske s’aperçoit bientôt qu’il n’est pas seul.Formé aux meilleures techniques d’investigation et d’interrogatoire, Thorkild Aske, bourré d’antidépresseurs, perd pied entre chausse-trappes et apparitions qui défendent l’entendement. Peut-il encore faire confiance à ses sens ?

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Scatter Her Ashes is the second book in the Thorkild Aske Mystery series and will be released 29. okt. 2020

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Vi skal ikke våkne We Shall Not Awaken

Thorkild Aske #3

Former interrogation leader Thorkild Aske must return to his roots on Iceland when his father Ulfur, an environmentalist with a checkered past, is stricken with cancer. But Ulfur is also in jail: he has been charged with the murder of his young lover. When Ulfur insists that he is innocent of the crime, Thorkild and his sister find themselves searching for the truth and the real killer. Their journey across Iceland and into the murky depths of the past – their own as well as that of Ulfur’s radical environmentalist group – threatens to lay bare dark secrets best forgotten. The price of the truth will be exacted in lives.

We Shall Not Awaken is the third Thorkild Aske novel, and a true exploration of the gothic and sardonic universe of Heine Bakkeid’s lauded protagonist.

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Den tidligere avhørslederen Thorkild Aske blir tvunget til å vende tilbake til sine røtter på Island. Faren, den karismatiske miljøaktivisten Ulfur, er uhelbredelig kreftsyk. I tillegg sitter han i fengsel, dømt for drapet på sin unge kjæreste. Thorkild og søsteren Liz tar turen til sagaøya for et siste farvel. Faren hevder han er uskyldig dømt, og Thorkild og Liz vikles raskt inn i saken, som avdekker nye sannheter om deres egen familiehistorie og klimaforkjempernes mørke hemmeligheter. Den dramatiske reisen rundt på øya setter både Thorkild og de rundt ham i stadig større fare.

Kriminalromanene om Thorkild Aske er solgt til 18 land, og har mottatt strålende kritikker. Vi skal ikke våkne er den tredje boken i serien og tar Bakkeids gotisk-uhyggelige stil og lakoniske humor til nye høyder.

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Har release den 16. august 2019.

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Rivertonprisen: Dette er de fem beste krimbøkene i fjor

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Møt meg i paradis / Meet Me in Paradise by Heine Bakkeid

“The new Jo Nesbø /…/ Beautiful and dark entertainment. /…/
Remember the name Heine Bakkeid – his second crime novel is top quality Nordic noir. /…/ In this novel [Bakkeid] has included the best elements of his debut, eliminated the beginner’s blunders, and created a crime story that is extremely well executed and entertaining on several levels. This is the closest this literary critic has come to Jo Nesbø’s style and characters. The antihero Thorkild Aske evokes the same feelings we get for Nesbø’s Harry Hole as he fights against human decay and downfall. /…/ The plot is more complex and expertly concocted than in Bakkeid’s debut, and is all the more exciting for it. The plot and characters are so fascinating that it’s impossible to put the book down. / …/ Bakkeid’s prose is clean, thrilling and original, which is refreshing in a genre where it seems as if more and more authors put emphasis on action rather than style. /…/ Bakkeid has a sharp-eyed style and is in addition very funny. The cynical humor balances out the novel’s darkness and makes it a wonderful read. /…/ Bakkeid has crafted a character and a universe that has made him well deserving of a huge circle of readers.” ★★★★★★ Verdens Gang, Norway

“A crime novel that throws down the gauntlet to the very, very best of them all. /…/ Just looking at the cover I’m already sucked into a world that can most definitely be categorized as Nordic noir. There’s plenty of melancholy, decadence, and a five-minutes-till-midnight atmosphere. Dark, yes, but not so much so that one’s mood isn’t kept up by an antihero full of gallows humor. /…/ Even if Thorkild Aske calls to mind Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole, Heine Bakkeid has succeeded in crafting a character with a genuine personality and identity that stands rock-steady on his own two legs. /…/ The author’s use of metaphors and linguistic tools elevate the crime genre to a higher level. /…/ Heine Bakkeid has delivered yet again, and I’m already looking forward to book number three.” ★★★★★★ Harstad Tidende, Norway

“Suspenseful, original crime fiction with a wonderful momentum and a protagonist who struggles with his issues – but does so with a twinkle in his eye. /…/ Bakkeid writes excellently, the character of Thorkild Aske especially comes across clearly. And he’s not just a tortured man, there’s also a whip-like wit to his lines, and he stumbles through the book with a subtle laconic humor that suits not only him, but the story itself. The novel is thrilling too, with a nice, even escalation of the suspense. The way in which [Bakkeid] tells the story works wonderfully also, the author knows how to switch between points of view in a seamless manner, and there’s an impetus in the book that’s far superior to most other crime novels’ /…/ A more than excellent crime novel […] definitely one of the best this year.” Adresseavisen, Norway

“Plenty of suspense, humor and energy /…/ Thrilling and well-written and Bakkeid makes it all come together.” Dagbladet, Norway

“[Meet Me in Paradise] is well-written, and it makes you want to keep reading, quickly!” Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway

“Bakkeid is a new star on the domestic crime fiction sky. Thorkild Aske is one of the most complex and provoking investigators we’ve encountered in Norwegian crime until now. But he also has his good sides, of course. The reader is gradually immersed in his rather unique universe, and now we want more. The sooner the better.” ★★★★★ Bok 365, Norway


Jeg skal savne deg i morgen / I Will Miss You Tomorrow by Heine Bakkeid

“His coolheaded writing style, here producing a nail-bitingly thrilling present tense, along with his somber nature depictions, is pure art. /… / It’s the blend of classic crime plot, unexpected horror and wittily told scenes that makes the book extraordinary. Stephen King has got himself a Norwegian crime heir.”
“His coolheaded writing style, here producing a nail-bitingly thrilling present tense, along with his somber nature depictions, is pure art. /… / It’s the blend of classic crime plot, unexpected horror and wittily told scenes that makes the book extraordinary. Stephen King has got himself a Norwegian crime heir.” ★★★★★ Ekstra Bladet, Denmark

“The remarkable atmosphere of potent loneliness stands out in Heine Bakkeid’s I Will Miss You Tomorrow, and adds something new and extremely readable to an otherwise familiar genre. /…/ A truly great crime novel that far exceeds expectations.” ★★★★★ Femina, Denmark

“An extraordinary debut. ” ★★★★★ Søndag, Denmark

“Whilst the novel flirts with gothic horror and supernatural elements, readers in search of a good and classically realistic crime story ought not be scared off by this, as it merely complements an accomplished and well-executed crime plotline. /…/ There is something rare and tender about the book. And I enjoyed my time spent in Thorild Aske’s company. / …/ I Will Miss You Tomorrow is filled with dry humor. /…/ It’s a book about loss, love, shame, guilt and greed. And it’s a great one.” Vildmedkrim, Denmark

“The novel is exciting and pleasantly paced. Bakkeid has been praised as the new Nesbø, and there is indeed something Harry Hole-esque about Thorkild. I will be looking forward to Bakkeid’s next book and read it with joy.” God-bog, Denmark

“A truly well-told story.” Krimisiden, Denmark

“A truly great crime novel with hair-raising horror elements. I was thoroughly entertained, and am looking forward to the next book in the series.” Bogrummet, Denmark

“This novel is a great success in my opinion, with a plot that is well written and meticulously thought through. /…/ Heine shines in this crime debut and I look forward to reading more from him in the future. ” Titeln, Denmark

“I would have difficulty choosing which genre in which to place this novel, since it breathes of classic detective stories, while the themes are much more noir, the plot resembles a thriller, and horror and the supernatural are also touched upon. A particularly unique book where one is always balancing between reality and illusion, between the real world and what the main character sees. /…/ A new genre in Nordic novels! A star has been born, I assure you! Congratulations to the publishing house Giunti that has acquired such a great talent in Italy!” Thriller Nord, Italy

“A near revitalization of the traditional psychological thriller, where sinister figures, paranoia, and terrifying events characterize the plot.” Verdens Gang, Norway

“A crime fiction debutant with a literary talent /…/ Bakkeid writes well and with nuance. /…/ Bakkeid knows his craft – he writes excellent dialogues and is already an expert when it comes to composing dark fictional universes filled with unsolved mysteries.” Bergens Tidende, Norway

“After 12 years’ work, Bakkeid has finally published his debut crime novel. The hope is that it will turn into an international adventure. Which wouldn’t surprise me. The potential is most definitely there. /…/ I Will Miss You Tomorrow grabs me right from the first line. Thanks to a terrific, varied and at times playful prose, I am page by page immersed and propelled through a crime novel that keeps the suspense high throughout all 351 pages.” ★★★★★ Harstad Tidende, Norway

“Masterfully striking scenes /…/ The story takes off in joyfull actionpacked abandon.” ★★★★★ Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway

“Besides being riveting, the novel is also incredibly witty. /…/ The dialogue between Aske and his former boss in particular sparkles.” ★★★★★ BOK, Norway

“I Will Miss You Tomorrow is Heine Bakkeid’s first crime novel, and an extremely successful debut at that. /…/ Bakkeid’s language is excellent for depicting both the dangers lurking in the depths of the ocean as well as in those of the human mind.” Hamar Arbeiderblad, Norway

“A thriller talent /…/ [Heine Bakkeid] has a well-developed sense for the gothic and grotesque. /…/ Bakkeid’s tone is harsh yet tender, and he showcases an impressive knowledge of the human body’s workings.” Aftenposten, Norway

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